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Finch Landscaping offers a full range of tree-related services to supplement and complete any landscaping project:

Tree Pruning

Dead branches are the progressive result of a tree's natural life cycle. The dead limbs detract from the health of the tree, can become a site for invasive diseases, fungus and molds, and routinely deposit debris on the underlying turf. Pruning dead wood and aerating the leaf canopies can help to transform the trees on your property into healthy, beautiful specimens as well as presenting a well-manicured appearance in your landscape design.

Tree Removal

Large tree removals (or even large branches) near building structures or in very tight or confined spaces poses a very dangerous undertaking for the typical homeowner. Removing trees in these conditions requires the expertise and equipment provided by professional services. Finch Landscaping employs aerial lifts in the removal of dead or dying trees, saving time and providing a measure of confidence to complete the job. Large tree service trucks with their immense size and weight can wreak havoc on well cultivated yards and lawns -- Finch Landscaping utilizes lighter towable lifts that effectively minimize and reduce any damages to the surrounding turf.

Lot Clearing

Do you have a section of your property that's never been used because nature has had its way, producing plants and vegetation thats unkempt and overgrown. Would you like to add this section to your usable property, or, perhaps, expand your existing lawn. Or would you like to erect a structure or new home on a wooded lot that you own. The first step in the process of realizing your dream is removing all trees, stumps, rocks and brush that stand in the way. Finch Landscaping's lot clearing services has helped many homeowners to reclaim unused land on their property, increase their property's value, and enjoy all of the benefits the new space affords.

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