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Finch Landscaping provides many affordable services designed to maintain and cultivate your carefully landscaped property:

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Before the spring growth cycle begins, it is important to plan for and clean away any debris which over the winter has accumulated on your lawn and planting beds. Any leaves and branches brought down by the ravages of winter must be removed before mowing can begin as well. Similarly, when the foilage turns and falls in the autumn it is crucial to periodically remove the accumulating coverage of leaves to provide the lawn the opportunity for continued healthy growth and sunlight. At the end of the season a final fall clean-up will prepare the lawn as best as possible for the approaching challenges of winter.

Lawn Care

Starting with pre-emergent weed control and fertilization before lawns begin to grow rapidly is key. Once the grass begins to grow in early spring, a weekly regimen of educated lawn care begins. Over the years Finch Landscaping has developed and refined a proven cost effective and result-driven soil fertilizing, weed control, and insect control program. All of the products and techniques employed in this program have proven to be highly effective when used in combination -- so much so that we often recommend that customers purchase the entire Finch Landscaping package solution or eliminate these applications from their landscaping strategies altogether. Overseeding, bagging clippings, aeration and de-thatching are also important services provided by Finch Landscaping in the preparation and care of a beautiful healthy lawn.

Pesticide Applications

Having trouble with ravenous gypsy moths or an overwhelming crop of dandelions populating your lawn? As a New Jersey licensed pesticide applicator company, Finch Landscaping offers the spraying of insecticides and herbicides in the landscape features to non-full service customers as well.

Bed Maintenance

Most landscape maintenance companies provide simple lawn mowing services and are in and out of your property quickly. Finch Landscaping can provide this fast simple service as well -- but we also offer much more. Finch Landscaping also offers our full maintenance customers weekly bed weeding, light pruning and spraying services. Our goal is to provide our customer with the full range of services necessary to maintain their landscaped property in pristine condition, week in and week out. Any custom requests which we are equipped and staffed to provide are welcome and encouraged.


Driven and nurtured by the forces of nature, most plants will eventually out grow their allotted spaces and locations in your grand landscape design. Regularly scheduled pruning allows for a sharper, cleaner appearance not only in each individual planting, but also gives a more refined and manicured look to a property's landscape profile throughout the growing season. Careful pruning can be healthier for the plant and also helps to prolong the interval of time before a hedge, plant, or tree needs to be removed, replanted, and replaced.

Lawn Care
Field Cutting
Insect Control
Weed Control