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Whether you have a designer you prefer to work with, need a designer recommendation, or don’t have any plans at all, we can help you realize and implement a dream landscaping project from start to finish.

Breaking Ground

Landscape designs are not always naturally well suited to the existing property. Foreseeing the landscape's needs before installation often prevents costly modifications to correct problems much later on. This is the time to consider sunlight, drainage, and the overall desired finished product.

Walkways & Patios

New landscaping projects always begin with a sound plan and a good design. When the installation process begins, "hardscaping" is generally the first step. Finch Landscaping can design and install beautiful walkways and patios from brick pavers and natural stones, visual enhancements that will complement any landscaping design.

Retaining & Decorative Walls

When required by the demands of the surrounding topography or to enclose your property in an aesthetically pleasing manner, Finch Landscaping can produce structurally sound and visually appealing retaining walls or decorative walls from manufactured block and/or natural stone.


Finch Landscaping's reputation is first and foremost based upon the high quality and wide selection of nursery products, as well as the exceptional care and attention to details that we bring to every landscape design installation. We generally have a large selection of plants right in our private nursery stock from which to choose. We also strive to supplement our available choices with purchases from the best dealers in our area. Our promise of excellence many times involves extensive searches among many nurseries to locate the specific plants deemed robust and healthy enough for the demands of each project's particular conditions and requirements. From small perennials to large trees we have the means to achieve a wide range and scope of planting results. Finch Landscaping has the necessary equipment, capabilities, and experience to transplant and plant larger plants/trees -- in fact, it is not uncommon for us to move a tree specimen weighing thousands of pounds to a new location when required by the landscape design.


Finch Landscaping always recommends edging planting beds before applying and spreading new or supplementary/replacement mulch. The edging not only holds the mulch in the bed but also gives the property a clean and refined appearance. Many different mulch products are available.

New Lawns

Tired of that weed infested, poorly graded and rocky lawn? Have Finch Landscaping install a clean green turf grass lawn that you can play on and relax without any pests. Whether you choose a traditional top soil, seed and straw application, sod installation, or hydoseeding, we have the equipment and experience to satisfy any homeowner's budget.

Small Site Excavation & Lot Clearing

Let Finch Landscaping help you reclaim that bush-littered, tree-studded, and rock-infested section of your property and begin the process of converting that space into a beautiful green usable lawn, planting bed(s), or landscape feature. Lot clearing and small-scale site excavation is one of the most cost-effective means of increasing your property's value as well as providing you with new areas of functional space that will reap usage dividends for years and years to come.

Drainage Systems

Water pooling in one area over a long time period can be a big problem. Most hardscape installers don’t fully appreciate the need for a good drainage system to preserve the structural and material integrity of the patios or walls they erect. Don’t let standing water and improper drainage ruin your new landscape enhancements and additions.

Edging & Mulching
Edging & Mulching
Hydroseeding Around
Lawn Repair,
Edging, & Mulching
Paver Walk & Step
Paver Walk Installation
& Large Tree Relocation
Pond Cleaning
Drain Installation
Shade Tree Planting
Spot Repair Lawn
Landscape Renovation
Driveway Planting Bed
Installation & Mulch
New Lawn & Plantings
New Landscape
Landscape Renovation
Paver Walkway & Plantings
Natural Flat Stone
Retaining Wall
Tree Transplant & New
Lawn Installation
New Landscape
Plant Bed Construction
New Plant Installation
Natural Bluestone
Walkway Repair
Edging & Mulching
Drain Installation
Under Driveway
Pond To Pondless
Waterfall Conversion
Landscape Renovation
Landscape Renovation
Planting And
Lawn Installation
Bluestone Patio
Site Excavation/Retaining Walls/Natural Walkway
Lot Clearing And
Edge And Mulch
Driveway Base
Landscape Renovation
Landscape Renovation
Gazebo Installation
New Construction
Lot Clearing, Tree Removal
Lawn Installation,
Landscape Renovation/
Planting & Mulching
New Lawn Installation/
Landscape Renovation/Steps, Walkway, Planting, Mulching & Lawn Install
Planting & Mulching
Stair Repair, Walkway,
Planting & Mulching
Planting & Mulching
Fence Installation
Segmented Retaining
Lot Clearing &
Lawn Installation
Landscape Renovation
Walkway Construction/
Large Tree Transplant
Lawn Installation